These are all just some more sketches I did back in 2014. They were all done in pen and colored pencil in an 8″x10″ sketchbook. The reason i grouped these all together was because i did them all around the same time and i don’t see the need to talk about each of them individually. I can not pick a favorite or least favorite, because all of my work is grown from my head and i am able to draw what i feel.IMG_8827IMG_9317IMG_9330IMG_9808IMG_8550


This was my first big class project in 2014, my sophomore year in high school. This was also when i began using acrylic paints. I instantly fell in love with the feeling. I wanted to paint something about my friend and I. The two female figures represented the two of us at the time, holding hands and conquering the world. My favorite part of this painting is the roses at the bottom. i wanted them to look like they grew from space. I think that i was able to showcase that very well in this piece.


This Piece drawn November 2013, was when i first became interested in tattoos. After my  classmates said that they would get this drawing tattooed on their skin i began to think about tattooing as a possible career. I also fit in a quote a friend once said to me, “You’re a rose in a bed of thorns, wilt as you may, you’re the only rose.” i honestly still love this little drawing.

Beyond your Dreams

Drawn in June 2013, this image of an owl morphing into another was something i found online, of course i added my own pieces and parts. The original image was just of an owl. Where the tail was suppose to be looked like a wolf to me, so i added in the wolf head and the entire background of the dream catcher and the black paint. This was around the time i began experimenting with colored pencil. It was also around the time i began to find my own style, rather then copying everything i drew off of images on the internet. I’m also pretty sure birds don’t have eyebrows, i must have had eyebrows on my mind 😉