Lovely Bugs

Not only do i make art on paper, as you’ll find out more later, i experiment with my skill as an artist to see what i can and cannot create. I am a extremely curious and experimental person. Back in 2014, i found myself up in the mountains exploring trails and watching butterflies float by. The butterfly in these photos was one that i caught that day, alive… believe me, i was torn to have to kill a living creature, but i envisioned a perfect creation that could be made with it. The two bumble bees were found dead later on that year so i decided to add some friends. The flowers at the bottom where from my yard that i had picked and pressed in my sketch book. I found a lovely stick attach the butterfly to it. Im pleased with the way it turned out, but i haven’t made many more of these types of pieces just because i hate to kill any living creature. 


This drawing was done back in 2014. Our class assignment was to use the entire carton of ink in the pen we each received. Although, i didn’t use the entire thing, i completely loved working with ink. i think this piece was pretty successful, but as always if i could go back and change some things, then i would.IMG_0442.JPG

Feelin glad

Painted october 2014. This painting means very much to me because i made this for someone incredibly special. My boyfriend really enjoys the band, Gorillaz. I wanted to give him a painted band posted including my own unique touch. I love to see the glow in peoples eyes when they spot something they love for the first time.IMG_0421.JPG

These are all just some more sketches I did back in 2014. They were all done in pen and colored pencil in an 8″x10″ sketchbook. The reason i grouped these all together was because i did them all around the same time and i don’t see the need to talk about each of them individually. I can not pick a favorite or least favorite, because all of my work is grown from my head and i am able to draw what i feel.IMG_8827IMG_9317IMG_9330IMG_9808IMG_8550


This was my first big class project in 2014, my sophomore year in high school. This was also when i began using acrylic paints. I instantly fell in love with the feeling. I wanted to paint something about my friend and I. The two female figures represented the two of us at the time, holding hands and conquering the world. My favorite part of this painting is the roses at the bottom. i wanted them to look like they grew from space. I think that i was able to showcase that very well in this piece.